A patio is an outdoor area, usually with a hard surface such as paving slabs or block paving, often used as a garden feature or an area to house outdoor dining and seating. At Menai Paving and Building we have been creating beautiful outdoor spaces for our customers since 1996. This could be using a range of different materials and landscaping to create the desired look. In this blog we discuss how you decide on a budget for your patio and whether you should use a contractor to build it or try a DIY solution.


When designing a patio, you must first think about the location. Do you want it to be in the sunniest part of the garden, what time will the sun be on the patio? Where do you want it to be in relation to the house? All good questions to ask yourself. When working with a patio contractor, these are the things they will think about and give you advice on the best location for your patio based on how you want to use it. Although you might think it easy to think this through yourself, sometimes the experience of a patio contractor can uncover things you haven’t considered.


Once you have your location and an idea of design, the next think to think about is materials. In order to know the best materials for your patio project, you need to think about your family and how you will use the patio. Do you have small children, pets, elderly? Does it rain a lot where you are? These are the kind of factors that would affect your choice of materials as well as, of course the look you are trying to achieve. A high percentage of the cost of a patio contractor is spent on materials and a good contractor will only use the best quality materials to ensure your patio lasts for years to come.


If you are thinking of taking on a patio project on your own, when choosing materials, make sure you see what accreditations or guarantees they come with, you could also Google the brand and see if there are any reviews from other people who have used the product.

In order understand what it would cost to use a patio contractor there are too many variables to give a complete answer. The price will depend on the size of the patio, where it is, the design, access to the property, and the materials you want to use. Like most patio contractors, we are happy to provide a no obligation quote and discuss your patio or garden landscaping project. This way you can understand the benefits of using a patio contractor by speaking with us directly.