There have been a number of studies to show the positive effects of nature on your mental health, and now more than ever we need to be mindful of our own wellbeing. Being more isolated can have a negative impact on your wellbeing particularly if you live alone, making the pandemic extremely tough. Although the lockdown is beginning to ease for some, it is important to stay safe and look after your mental wellbeing.


If you have a garden, try to ensure you spend lots of time outside. If you don’t have any outdoor space, try to surround yourself with as much plant life as possible and spend time sitting in the window.


How do plants help?

Plants remove carbon dioxide from the air, release oxygen and increase humidity, making the air healthier for us to breathe and better for our skin.  In terms of our wellbeing, caring for plants promotes mental health, decreasing stress, increasing productivity, helps focus and improves memory retention.


Which plants are best?

Spider plant – cleans the air and is pet friendly

Peace Lily – One of NASAs top air purifiers

Monstera Adonsonii (Swiss Cheese Vine) – The deep green leaves are naturally soothing

Lavender – Used in aromatherapy for its calming affects. Grow inside to encourage a sleep filled night.


The Joy of sunlight

When natural sunlight hits the skin it triggers the body’s production of vitamin D. Vitamin D is known to improve brain function and many a study has been carried out into the effects of not enough sunlight and the causes of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).


Aside from vitamin D, the sun is known to lift your mood and reduce stress. Have you ever noticed if you’re feeling a little down or anxious how much better you feel after a walk in the fresh air?


Please remember to wear sunscreen and be sensible as there are many harmful effects from too much exposure to the sun.


Creating your outside space

Using social distancing, we are still able to work in your garden to create your perfect outside space. If you’d like to discuss a new patio, driveway or perhaps some landscaping, please give us a call.