Lockdown part three has been the longest of them all, the short days and the weather combined have made it seem longer and harder than those before and we’re suffering from a serious case of cabin fever. With restrictions set to continue we’re seeing an increase in requests in landscaping, driveways and patios.


It’s looking likely that a staycation is on the top of everyone’s lists for 2021 and what better place to spend that holiday money than your own home. Making the most of your outdoor space has become increasingly important over the last 12 months.


So what can you do to make yours the place to go this year?



Practical bit first! Think about how you will use the space and create different areas or zones: eating, socializing, playing, relaxing. Think about all the things you like to do or would like to do in your garden and plan out how they could be incorporated.


If you enjoy a good barbecue, then a spacious patio and suitable outdoor furniture would be high on your priority list. Or if you want somewhere for the kids to run around and burn off some energy, then a well-shaped, level lawn would be top of your list. However, most of us probably want a bit of everything, so why not set your outdoor space out into zones so you can really get the most use possible.


For relaxing, you might want to create a cosy nook

A place to lounge and relax helps to create an outdoor oasis.  Whether it’s a shady spot or somewhere to soak up the sun, a cosy nook can be created with a simple chair, cushion and rug.


Keep Warm

With the current emphasis on staying outdoors, we will probably want to extend the time we have outside, you could do this by adding a heat source, whether that’s a patio heater, or a firepit, it can be really sociable to sit around a fire on a nice evening. Add throws and cushions to your outside furniture to really give it that “outside in” feel.


Stay Dry

Another factor you might consider is adding some form of shelter to your garden, whether that is in the form of a covered patio, a gazebo or perhaps a garden room. Depending on your budget, these options could also help extend your time with friends and family over the coming months.


Privacy screens also provide some protection from the wind whilst also helping to divide your garden up and create the different areas for different activities.


Make it pretty

Once you’ve created the different zones, you will probably want to introduce some flowers and plants to add a bit of colour and different heights to the space. Do your research before investing. If you don’t want to spend lots of time working with your plants, choose something easy to care for and hardy!



However you are planning to use your outside space, if you are thinking of a redesign, we are here to help. With bags of experience we will think of all the things you haven’t and make sure your redesign is a complete success. Get in touch to find out more!