There is a growing trend for open plan living spaces flowing seamlessly to a patio or outside space. This can be difficult to achieve with natural stone and tiles which is why porcelain paving has become so popular. It gives endless options and finishes and it is also very durable. It marries the interior and exterior perfectly, creating a space that has harmony between the inside and out.

Porcelain is thriving due to this indoor/outdoor trend, as natural stone is only really suitable for outdoors. It provides a fantastic alternative to existing products and due to its strength and versatility, it can bring a new dimension in terms of design and can create a beautiful contemporary feel.

However, porcelain based products have many benefits other than just aesthetic. Porcelain is a type of ceramic clay fired at much higher temperatures than ‘standard’ ceramic and it is this process which makes it more durable and less porous. These two factors together make it a great product for use on your next patio project.

Being less porous is one of the main advantages — this paving absorbs little or no moisture, which means it is exceptionally stain resistant and gives moss and algae little opportunity to grow.

Porcelain paving is low maintenance. With more porous paving such as limestone you need to employ an aftercare programme, sealing the paving with a good quality sealant and topping up fairly regularly depending on the conditions the paving is laid in (for example it will require more applications if it is subjected to wet conditions).

With porcelain, you can achieve a similar look to some of the more traditional patios such as sandstone, granite, limestone, and even wood but with minimal maintenance.

It is also highly scratch resistant and frost proof which makes it a fantastic long-term option.

The way it is manufactured and the materials used mean it is very strong and much lighter than natural stone. It is pressed in a raw state and heated at a very high temperature which makes it highly dense and consistent.

If you would like to discuss using porcelain or traditional materials in for your outside space, please do not hesitate in contacting us.