The Towers is a Grade II listed building and we were approached to convert the existing garages into housekeepers’ accommodation. The main building is used primarily for holiday rental and so timing was critical on this project to ensure minimal disruption to paying guests. We were given a three month window to complete the renovation and stayed on schedule throughout the project.

The project was a complete overhaul and remodel of the existing building to increase the living space available. We had to conform to the original outline and dimensions and ensure the external look of the building remained the same where it is publicly viewed in order to work within the guidelines for this Grade II Listed Building.

On one side of the property we were able to add an additional two dorma windows to increase the living space and add a balcony with glass balustrade. The whole building was pulled apart to allow us to add structural steelworks to accommodate the improved roof design. We built new walls and stonework and we ensured new pillars matched with existing.

For the roof all of the slates were removed to re-design the roof however we reused these wherever possible to retain the look. We added larch timber cladding which will eventually turn silver and blend nicely with the main building. We will also be returning to do further landscaping work.